Jan 20, 2013


We need to get integrated, so we're moving. No more posts here, friends.

We'll be moving to a website (twotigersyarns.com) that has the blog built in, along with links to Facebook and whatnot. Updating three different places with the same news seems a little 2012 and we need to get into some thirteen!

**** Newly added **** Here's a direct link to the blog, for you blog-lovers!

As my parting post, let me remind you about two things:

1. Knit U (yarn camp), which you should sign up for, because it's a fabulous event. Knit Social does a great job of putting this retreat together and I had such a good time last year. I can't wait to see how this one shapes up. Oh, and Two Tigers is donating swag!!


2. Fibres West, a spectacular yarn event in Cloverdale, BC, where Two Tigers will have a wee booth.

Friday, March 22nd (9:30-5) and Saturday, March 23rd (9:30-5)

It's at the Show Barn on the Cloverdale Exhibition Grounds, entrance at 62nd Avenue off 176th Street (the Show Barn is on the east side of the red AgriFair bldg).

Admission is $8.50 for adults and $6.00 for students (valid student i.d.) and seniors (65+), children 13 and under free. Parking is free on site and all buildings on the site are wheelchair accessible. A cafe will be available for the duration of the show.   There is an ABM on site.


Dec 24, 2012

Merry ho ho!

I wish you all a very happy Christmas and many pleasant things in the new year.

I'm a few short hours away from finishing my Christmas knitting (that's cutting it close, eh?) and the dyeing is done for the year. We'll start anew in January with all sorts of vim and yarn-dye-friendly acid.

Good tidings to you!

I almost forgot! There's a 10% coupon on the entire Etsy shop from now through to the end of January. Happy shopping!

Dec 11, 2012

Fibres West, Here We Come!

Just received notification that we're in and I AM SO STOKED!

Check us out right here (it's alphabetical).

Oh my bizogleness, so much planning to do!

(that's not me, but that's how I feel)

Dec 10, 2012

Ho ho ho!

Well, things are sure moving along! I've sent off my form for Fibres West and hope that my application is accepted. I've asked for a 10deep by 5wide booth (half size) and the Tiger Friends and I are bouncing ideas around for the booth-that-shall-be-fantastic.

In other news, I have a giant custom order for Woolly Woolly that will become a jacket, so I hope that we'll see pictures of it soon. It's a reasonably priced wool and perfect for outerwear. It would also make a nice vest ... do I need another Angostura? I think I might!

In other news, the sweater for hubby that inspired the original chocopoo colourway is coming along, albeit slowly. I've confused my brain and fingers by knitting a felted bag in bulky weight, so when I go back to knitting on my worsted weight sweater, my brain thinks it's fingering weight and I lose a bit of love for the sweater. But alas, I'm past the arm hole spot now and hope to have the back finished before the end of the year. I have to thank dear hubby, though, because he's much smaller than he used to be (-50 pounds or so) so it's not as painful to knit as it would have been a year ago.

More news coming soon ... I hope!

Nov 13, 2012

Christmas Craft Fair

Our trial run with "the public" is coming up in less than two weeks! (We've been a quiet online vendor up til now.)

The Christmas Marketplace is on November 24th from 10 to 2. The address is 16011 83rd Avenue.

The Two Tigers will have a table, loads of yarn and great big smiles. Hopefully people are willing to accept a do-it-yourself Christmas craft like hand-dyed yarn offers instead of only being interested in pre-made, finished-goods-style crafts.

If all goes well, we will go back to dyeing like madmen and will try for a showing at a yarn-centric event - Fibres West! We might be too new for that, but we'll see. There are lots of events happening in 2013 if that one doesn't work out.

If you had your head chopped off every time you stuck your neck out, there wouldn't be any growth on the planet. Sometimes you have to take a leap and hope there's a smooshie landing.