Jul 19, 2016


I don't often add borders to my quilts, but I did add one to the Batman quilt I made for my daughter, to make it a little bigger. Plus, I was at a quilt retreat with a bunch of traditional quilters and they egged me on with it.

ANYWAY, I just saw a blog post about how you'd go about adding borders and it's exactly the way my Mum taught me to do it, so of course I like it.

Here's the link.

Have a look and give it a try. I find that this process does the squaring-up for me, so I don't have to worry about trimming a huge rectangle to square, with the difficulties that that presents.


Jul 6, 2016

sooooo sweet

Doubly sweet.

Don't you love how they cross their legs like they're still on the inside?

They're only 40-inch quilts, but they look so big when the babies are so tiny. I love quilting, sewing and knitting for babies.

Congratulations to the Mum, Dad, and all the extended family. The boys are gorgeous and I'm so happy that you're happy with the quilts.  *huge smile*