Dec 5, 2011

December? How did that happen?

I have so much to do! My Christmas cards are but a not-quite-lucid thought in my head, child photos are not yet taken or printed (there was a failure on the submission of the school order), the house is not decorated (nevermind that it's also not particularly clean) and ....


It'll get done. No worries.

So I have a new picture of the wee babe in the sweater that I knit her. She's adorable, right?

And I was out four-wheeling on the weekend and of course took a project with me. The pattern is Chilly Podsters and that's one finger built. These things are HUGE! That's not because the pattern makes them huge, but because I tinkered with gauge to make them huge. They're made for a giant man and they've been checked along the way, but they still look way too big. They are a little floppy around the lower hand/wrist, so future mitts might be knit with less fabric there. They'll be warm so it's not a big worry. So anyway, this is a photo of podster number 1 at Harrison Lake. It's knit in Cascade 220 superwash.