Jun 27, 2017


I have a beautiful skein of what used to be called CaterpillarGreen and is now called Gauge DyeWorks. I want the perfect shawl pattern for it that's not too boring and not too busy. I couldn't find anything I liked, so I'm designing one for myself. I prefer my shawls asymmetric, so it won't be a centred triangle. It'll be like half the triangle.

In other knitting news, I've worn that Casual Friday cardigan a fair bit and I have thus far failed to have a picture taken. I might have to visit my friend in Nelson for more pictures.

I've finished a few lingering quilts and am now faced with the excitement of starting the cutest little Elizabeth Hartman pattern, or finishing my round robin quilt. I have it partially quilted, but I really need to finish it. I think I will focus on that this week. It won't be anything fancy because it's just too darned big, but it will get done.

I finished this little guy for a coworker who's due in July. Our country's sesquicentennial birthday is on Saturday, so since her baby is due in that month, it seemed like a good fit. I had fun with the quilting in and around the leaf. It's 36 inches square (ish). The red and white are Free Spirit solids and I used a white thread for the white bits and red Aurifil for the red bits. I don't usually do that (use more than one colour), but I didn't want to mess up the design. I used white in the bobbin because the backing fabric is a grey-and-white polka dot with pretty big white dots.

I belong to a traditional quilt guild and we had a show this past weekend. There were so many fabulous quilts hanging - it was a really great source of inspiration. Here are the winners.

CQA award winner.

First place viewers' choice.

Second place viewers' choice (hand-pieced).

Third place viewers' choice.

Also, we have a lizard in the house now. She's a juvenile leopard gecko. I have yet to touch her, but she's fun to look at.