Jan 18, 2015

2015 multicrafting

I finished the sample and pattern for the knitted beach cover-up. I need to do one more sample and test the pattern, and then it will be ready to release. So rad. Should be ready within a couple weeks.

I finished the half-square triangles and all the ironing for the superhero quilt. I'm not sure that this is the final layout, but it will definitely be pinwheels. I'll sew them into their four-parts and then work out the final layout after a bit of squaring up.

I also have some quilted placemats on the go, but I took two steps backward with them yesterday. They need some replanning.

I have the fabric I'll need for a bed scarf, and I'm anxious to get a move on with that. I was going to do pinwheels and wonky piecing, but we shall see.

And then there's the bargello. I haven't decided yet whether the idea I have will work or not, so it's still in its strip-pieced state.

I had a sew-in yesterday. A couple things I learned:

1. It seems like everyone used to prewash their fabric but now no one seems to. They make some product for the wash that sucks up loose colour, so there isn't a rampant fear of colour bleeding.

2. If you need to free-motion quilt with your quilt oriented a particular way, and that particular way makes a huge pile of quilt in the armpit of your machine, you can totally turn your machine. Bam. That blew my mind.

Okay, I'm going to grow some balls and go cut that bargello. Enough of this stalling.