Feb 27, 2012

Ladies, don't get left out of a moustache challenge

Why sit on the sidelines when you can join in? No, no, don't stop waxing, plucking or lasering ... knit a fake one!

This pattern comes to us from this site, and with a couple of edits I whipped up two 'staches within a couple hours on Sunday. Woohoo!

I'm voting for me to win the challenge that's going on at work. Who doesn't love a woman with a moustache?

Oh, and I made one for a smaller person and used fingering weight yarn instead of DK and it came out more right-sized.   :O)

Feb 12, 2012

Food Truck Bazaar ... oh my!

The girl running the Crepe Company food truck had a knitted hat on, so this post qualifies as random, and yet also knitting-related. And I bought a lot of yarn today, so there's another tie-in to this mostly-knitting/spinning-blog-which-sells-itself-as-"random".

Sooo many choices here at the Food Truck Bazaar in Orlando, Florida. The mall sucked, so we came out to the parking lot to watch the trucks roll in ... an hour early. Mmmmmmmmmm.

Look for details about what we bought after the pictures of the trucks.

As I said, these were all food trucks based in the Orlando area, and there may be sister trucks of the same name in other places. I won't provide links because they're all Googlable and the more you dig, the more you'll find.

Star-rating system:

***** AWESOME!
**** Pretty rad
*** Good
** Meh
* Boooooo!

Wicked Wiches (we saw them on the food network) ... Pamanti Brothers sandwich ****
Beard Papa (we've seen the in-mall version) ... Cookie creampuff with raspberry cream *****
Pupusa ... pork pupusa (el salvadorian) *****
Island BBQ ... jerk pork on coconut rice and beans with habanero sauce ****
La Empanada ... beef ****
Firehouse BBQ ... brisket sandwich *****
the batter bowl ... banana bread pudding *****
the batter bowl ... chocolate peanut butter push-pop cake (you have GOT to see this thing - it's ridiculously cute, and unfortunately, the kid popped it right onto the ground) *****
Melissa's Chicken and Waffles ... chicken and waffles with gravy AND syrup *****
Gourmet Flatbreads ... smack my swine flatbread pizza *****
Saigon Sizzle ... giant pork banh mi with extra veg (so nice of him to provide extra!) ***
The Crepe Company ... banana and nutella sweet crepe *****
Gastro Truck ... macaroni and cheese ****
Fork in the Road ... fried pickle spear ***
Yum Yum (they take pictures of all their Canadian customers, so look for our friends on their Facebook page) ... the dough-dough bird, s'mores please, peanut butter choco-rama, vanilla with butter cream ****

OH MY GOD, BLOGGER, HOW DID YOU EAT THAT MUCH!?!?!?!?   Well, I didn't. I had six friends along with me and we did a lot of sharing. We bought from a total of 15 trucks and it was all money well spent. Don't go to a Food Truck Bazaar on your own, dear readers.    :O)