Oct 25, 2012

Still dyeing

We just added five more colourways to the Two Tigers Etsy shop. Things are hoppin' in this house!

Shine on you crazy lace weight in A good year:

Sport 'paca un in Limp-wristed lavender:

Woolly Woolly in Purple nurple:

Superworsted in Rusted out floorboard:

Sport 'paca un in Toad in the hole:

Check out all the colourways at twotigersyarns.com, which changes on a weekly basis as more and more colourways get added. We'll have about five more colourways to add within a week.

Now, back to setting up the new loom..........


My loom arrived!!!

More on that later............   :O)

Oct 19, 2012

New Colourways

Yes, four or five new colourways went up just a couple days ago. I have around five more that I'll be adding in the next week and then probably five more the week after that.

I realized that I gave you a convoluted way to find said yarn, so here's a link to the Etsy shop, where you can directly see what's on the shelves, waiting for a forever home.

I have a table at a craft fair in November, which I'm incredibly excited about. It's my first one and the organizers are sooooo nice. It's the fair's eighth year and they draw quite a crowd. I hope they love my yarn-with-cheeky-names. Being in November, it's still early enough that purchasers could knit something up for a loved one before the end of the year.

I'm well into my Christmas knitting. I'm more than halfway through the second gift. I think I should do two more, and maybe even four more, before Christmas. That's about my max. I think my brother would scream like a little girl if I gave him something knitted. He just. would. not. like. that.  My Mum and Nan can knit their own and my Mum knits for my Dad. That leaves the in-laws and they're the ones I've counted.   :O)

Now, this weekend, wish me luck with hand-paints and shades of gray. It's the start of the rainy season where I live, so gray seems appropriate.


ps - I've been waiting waaaaay too long for my loom and can't wait to get it!

Oct 6, 2012

Huge diversion

Check out twotigersyarns.com. It's growing, slowly but surely. I'll have new colourways up this week, with many more to follow. Oh, the plans I have!

I am going to see how Etsy.com goes before I launch the shop on the site, but stay tuned.

Don't hold your breath for too many blog posts - I'm busy! Hopefully you understand. Maybe I will port the blog over to the site (yes, I can do that) and keep things documented. Time will tell.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!