Oct 22, 2011


Cute, right? The white one is Steve and the tan-and-white one is Mr. Bigglesworth. They're rad and they're brothers and they couldn't be more different.

This photo is from when they were about 1.5 months old, so they're pretty wee. They're about two months old now and quite a bit bigger. Still babies, but growing more and more.

Mr. Bigglesworth is a cuddler. The child in the house LOVES him and loves to cuddle with him on the couch. My job is to socialize Steve. He's a little bit spastic and loves to poop and pee all over you while you have him on your lap. We're (almost) always prepared with a towel.

They LOVE parsley, cilantro and carrot tops, and they're awfully fond of (non-iceberg) lettuce, green beans and bell peppers. It's fun to feed them because they love it so much, and then they hop all over the place (it's called popcorning - google it!) and look all happy.

Steve has had a really good sniff of my Malabrigo wool and I was a bit worried he'd chomp my messenger-bag-in-progress, but he really just wanted to smell and walk on it a bit. I thought about putting him in the bag-in-progress, but knowing his pooping proclivity, I decided against it.

I really ought to go work on that bag-in-progress so I have a picture of something knitted to post, oughtn't I?

Oct 4, 2011

Catch-up and bags

It has occurred to me that while I've been fawning over my homespun angora for the past few weeks, I haven't actually posted about it. It's ridiculously soft. I have a very limited amount (I think it was fifty-something yards), but it has to be used as soon as possible. Such a dream.

I also have a new project to report. It's a market bag made of cotton and I know that it reminded my Nan of the type of bag they used during the war, so I made it for her.

I'm very distracted at the moment. We got two baby guinea pigs today and THEY. ARE. SO. CUTE.  They'll be in my next post.