Aug 4, 2017

Drowning in UFOs

I took stock of what I had on the go yesterday and I was shocked. How did I let it get so out of hand? It's not just one craft - it's knitting (2), sewing (1) and quilting (5). And I'm going to be starting another quilt in September. Something has to happen, and I've got time this weekend to see how much I can do.

The knitting is one pair of socks that don't stress me out because they're a travel knitting thing that I can always have at the ready. The other knitting is the shawl that I'm designing and I'd like to get to the end of the sample so that I can finalize the pattern and call it a day.

The sewing is the Too Cool for School satchel in a few Art Gallery prints. I think it would last longer with vinyl on the exterior or if it were canvas or something other than the most beautiful quilting cotton around, but the kid wants it just like that.

The quilting is ends and finishes on a preemie quilt, hand-sewing down the binding on the round robin quilt and three (identical) gift quilts that I need more fabric for (I'll get it tomorrow). Those three tops will then be sandwiched and quilted and I'll machine-stitch the binding on them.

I'm doing a Judy Neimeyer retreat in September and I'll be making the Dragon Star pattern. I'm getting fabric for that one tomorrow too. Very exciting!

I reported a finish a while ago, but only now do I have the photos to prove it. It's my Casual Friday cardigan with modifications. I did 3/4 sleeves and rewrote the pattern for the gauge I wanted so that I didn't have a fabric that I didn't want. If that makes sense to you, we're on the same page knitting-wise. I used 4 skeins of Ocean Park Yarns' hand-dyed yarn and the variation in the colour is really nice. I didn't alternate rows to avoid obvious differences in dye and it worked out great - I looked at the skeins and thought they were close enough, and there you have it.

So I went out to the junction to meet my knitter-friend Karen and she was kind enough to take these photos after dinner. It was a great dinner and it was about a million degrees outside. It was not an ideal day for knitwear. I wear this cardi SO MUCH, though. I love it.

I hope to see Karen again at the start of September. I'll know later today what my plans look like. Stay tuned, Karen!