Mar 28, 2012

Mar2012 Randomness

Back in February, we went to Florida. The place I loved the most was the house. But when I left the house, my favourite spot was Universal's Islands of Adventure. That's where the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is, and where Suess Landing is. Wicked.

You'll recognize those trees from the book The Lorax. Not the movie. The book. Best book EVER. I've loved it for years and I often fancy myself the Lorax. As in, "I speak for the _______."

There we are holding hands, the Lorax and I.

This is the Onceler's house. You can tell from the sign at the top. At the speakers, you could hear the story being told. I listened quite a bit.

Words to live by, each and every one.

Onto topic number TWO. My darling hubby running in his first 5k race. It was a St. Patrick's Day race, so that should explain the kooks in funny outfits. Hubby's the one in the foreground, not wearing anything green. He finished in less than 25 minutes. Yay!

I bought this roving. It's the Darkhorse colourway from SweetGeorgia and I love it. I have split it into its sections and I'm trying to make it even and organized such that I can two-ply it and get really long colour changes in it, making for a lovely shawl of some sort. I don't spend too much time spinning at present, so the half a bobbin I have isn't getting me anywhere fast.

Oh, how could I forget? There was a Mickey hydro tower in Orlando. Too funny!

Just today, lovely hubby went to the fabric store to get some felt. Yes, he went to a fabric store. Better yet, he went alone. Can you imagine? Me neither. I asked him to get me a meter each of two cool fabrics. He went one better and got me five fabrics. I'm in love.

What do they want to be!?!?!? The first thought I had was an apron or two, but we'll have to see what other ideas I can come up with. The skulls on the purple fabric glow in the dark. Sweet, right?