Jun 22, 2011


1. My dog got sprayed in the face by a skunk last night. He was outside, of course, as were the boys, who were playing poker in the garage with the door open. Once sprayed, the dog drooled in the garage = stink. Then he was put in the backyard so that no one out front barfed. I was on the back deck carding fleece. The dog drooled all over the deck = stink. I sent him off the deck so that I could grab my fleece and the batting that I had finished and escape into the house. It stunk in the house. How did that happen?

2. I feel gross. Is this an unrelated feeling or can I be feeling gross because I have ghost-skunk smell on me. I call it ghost-skunk smell because maybe it isn't really there, but I smell it anyway because I'm now scarred for life.

3. I don't know how the smell got in the house, but it isn't eager to leave.

4. Did you know that skunk spray doesn't smell like "skunk"? You know when you're driving down the road and you see the squished black thing and you smell skunk? It's not like that. I don't know why, but it was a smell that was heavily burnt rubber-ish and minorly garlic-ish. Gross.

5. Will my dog ever be allowed back in the house? Time will tell. He's had a bath with peroxide, baking soda and dish detergent, and we made him eat a tomato too, in case the smell was coming from his mouth. That would SO SUCK.

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