Nov 23, 2011


Crazy, crazy life has gotten away from me. I've been up to some crafty stuff, fear not, but I haven't had much time for posting.

So the latest and greatest, to get your giggle on:

Yes, that's a finger 'stache. Super, right? Here's a close-up:

It was too big for me, so the guy with the moustache gets to keep it. I think his finger is distorting it because it was nice and even before his giant knuckle got into it.

Recently I finished this messenger bag in lovely Malabrigo worsted, and then I felted it (on purpose). I'm going to needle-felt on the flap, but I haven't decided on the design yet, so it's sort of in limbo at the moment:

It's more purse-sized than giant-bag-of-endless-proportions-sized, and I think it will be good for carrying around knitting projects. Do you think that's sort of a form of cannibalism? Using a knitted item to carry around future knitted items? It seems a little bit wrong. I'll do it anyway.

So I've had this BEEEEEEAUTIFUL roving for a while. Well, it's actually combed top, but it's lovely either way. It's a bi-bfl / silk blend and I've recently heard that it was a mistake. It was supposed to be a single colour of bfl, but when it was blended (a beautiful grey ... I don't know what the problem was), it was less desirable and the vendor didn't want it. So the distributor added in the silk and there you have it:

They aren't the best photos, but you can see that it was a pound. I think I've spun close to 600 yards now. I decided on two-ply. So that really means that I've spun 1200 yards. WOW! I'm not sure whether my first 400 and my third (and weeks later) attempt at 144 yards are the same weight, but I'm going to apply some basic math - if I have the yards and the weight, I can find the weight per yard, and figure out how close they are. If they're close, it's all good. If they're not so close, I have more spinning to do and I'll then have two-ply in two weights. Goodness me! That was a lesson in delayed spinning, then, wasn't it?

In other news, I am coming to the end of a work project, and to the end of a business. In both cases, there are people (okay, women) who want to see my wedding photos. That's not so easy. My wedding album weighs more than my leg and I don't port it around much. Back in the last century, when I got married, we didn't have an option to request digital files. So today I ventured into the box o' album and took pictures of the pictures. It didn't work out all that great, but short of inviting all these women to my house to view the massive album, this is the solution.

Still married. Still love him. Still think we'll be married forever.

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  1. And I'm very happy to hear that! and that's some nice looking roving