Jan 24, 2012

Catch-up time...

There are lots of things I want to show you.

Let's start with spinning. I bought this fibre - bfl - dyed by a local gal who used to work with my Mum:

I haven't spun it all, but I did attack in with a Christmas deadline to get enough for my Mum to have fun with. Here's one bobbin. Seriously, the thinnest I've ever spun:

That looks a bit dark. Here's the three-ply yarn, which, at three plies, was an amazing DK weight ... the thinnest yarn I've ever made (I was previously stuck in the worsted zone). So proud!

I farted around with some small projects like this mushroom (weighted in the stem with pennies) from Ysolda's Smith pattern:

And I cast on and finished Haruni, which was my first lace pattern ever. I did it in the bfl/silk homespun, which was about a worsted weight (of course). I had a bit of a goof-up about 20 rows in and I stayed up super-late trying to fix it rather than ripping it back ... and I totally fixed it. None the wiser, either. I think I can actually say that it's error-free now. And I'm in love with it. And I'm giving it away.

I'll post a full shawl photo another time. Too much now would be a spoiler to the giftee.  :O)

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