Aug 13, 2015

a couple notes about blogging

I didn't realize, until I adopted feedly as my all-in-one-place-and-don't-need-to-remember-or-fave-the-urls blog reader, that my very own blog was one of those annoying ones that doesn't display all of a post in the RSS reader.

I'm sorry for the truncation.

I've stopped the short form and gone full version. If you're using a thing like feedly, you won't have to click the button to go to the site to see the full post anymore.

And also, I know that blogger sometimes has a hard time with images. When I am writing a post, it all looks good. When I post it, something happens and worlds collide and babies cry and pictures break. I try to then fix them within as short a timeframe as possible. It's not like I'm a narcissist who has to go read her own blog for personal satisfaction - I'm checking it.

I'm sorry if you're a quick reader who had the annoying experience (ever) of reading a post with busted-ass pictures. It sucks.

ps - have you noticed your spell-checker correcting anymore to any more? I'm finding it annoying. I know some stuff about words and when I want to say that I don't look at the short feeds anymore because I don't want any more of them ... that's what I'll say. And you'll never catch me typing alright. It's just not a word that I can get behind. All right then.


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