Jan 14, 2016

two table runners

This was supposed to be a single, double-sided table runner, but when I went to sandwich them with the batting, the enormity of the difficulty in matching every seam and the length and the width .... Well, it jumped up and punched me right in the earhole. That got my attention. So I decided that it would be two table runners instead. Problem solved.

This one uses the browns and dusky blue from my fat quarter stack of Elementary. Love those prints. O feel so nerdy when I look at the one with calculations (no solutions, though).

This one (below) uses a coordinating few from a collection I found at a local chain store. I think the aunt who is receiving these prefers this one. It does offer more contrast and the design is eye-catching.

She doesn't know she's getting both, though. They were designed for her, so she may as well get them both. It'll help prevent table-runner-boredom as well. Not that she will be staring at the table runners for the bulk of her days anymore .... The casts are off and Auntie TwoBrokenLegs actually took some steps outside today!!! Such progress. I'm so happy for her.


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