Aug 6, 2011

Ain't we havin' spun fun now?

This post's title comes courtesy of a word change in a snappy little ditty from The Little Shop of Horrors. I highly recommend it. A campy musical starring Rick Moranis. Also appearing are Steve Martin, Jim Belushi, Christopher Guest, the woman who played Martin's wife on the TV show Martin and a few other familiar faces.

Good news - I have one sleeve on the baby sweater and sleeve #2 is likely to be finished today. They're just wee - I have no excuse for the length of time it is taking me. I should be able to snap my fingers and have a baby sweater appear ... but no such luck.

I have also taken all sorts of photos and lined them up below to tell the story of the singles, plies and knits experiment. If you're on dial-up, you won't like this post. But really, what are you doing on dial-up??

The singles: teal, white, red and blue, hand-dyed (except for the white one - the sheep took care of that).

The teal plied and knit on its own:

The teal plied with some loosely spun white and knit into something just this side of vomit:

The red plied and knit on its own:

The red plied and knit with white:

The red plied and knit with blue:

The red plied and knit with white and blue:

The blue all on its own:

And the blue with white:

That was great fun! I have a pile of knit samples now, some favourites and some REALLY not favourites, but it was interesting to see how everything came out ... and I'm likely to take such a step the next time I dye multiple colours. It showed me that I don't like most of them when there are two or three colours plied together. They spin up looking nice, but they knit up to doo-doo. I do like the way some of the colours go together, though, and will adventure into some self-striping sock yarn of unknown weight.  That could be cool.

Here are my sweet singles one more time, only because I like this shot:

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  1. I love the blue and white. This was a great idea; now you need a book of some kind to keep your samples in. You are a clever girl
    PS the teal/white does not look even close to vomit, silly wabbit!!