Aug 3, 2011

Summer lovin'

Not much is new here. The only bit I've spun so far, from all that I dyed, is the bit of batt that the girl in red painted. I spun an extremely fine single and kept the colours separate as much as I could. Then I navajo plied it to keep the colours together and wound up with all of 70 yards. I turned it into a little headkerchief with an i-cord edging and it's too small for a human, but may work for a doll. It's something to remember the day by, anyway.

I'm madly knitting up a baby sweater, and it's a good thing the kid isn't born yet, because it gives me more time. I think I should have it done this weekend, actually. I hope so, anyway.

Then it'll be back to the February Lady Sweater, which is also coming along nicely. And perhaps some spinning here and there to break things up a bit. I'm reeeeeeally tempted to do a worsted single, but I don't know if that'll work out with fleece that doesn't felt. I'm also reeeeeeeally tempted to ply together the red and blue and see if it works out as dreamily as I think it will. Maybe I could throw in an undyed single as well. So many options!

Until there's more news, that's all the news.

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