Nov 13, 2012

Christmas Craft Fair

Our trial run with "the public" is coming up in less than two weeks! (We've been a quiet online vendor up til now.)

The Christmas Marketplace is on November 24th from 10 to 2. The address is 16011 83rd Avenue.

The Two Tigers will have a table, loads of yarn and great big smiles. Hopefully people are willing to accept a do-it-yourself Christmas craft like hand-dyed yarn offers instead of only being interested in pre-made, finished-goods-style crafts.

If all goes well, we will go back to dyeing like madmen and will try for a showing at a yarn-centric event - Fibres West! We might be too new for that, but we'll see. There are lots of events happening in 2013 if that one doesn't work out.

If you had your head chopped off every time you stuck your neck out, there wouldn't be any growth on the planet. Sometimes you have to take a leap and hope there's a smooshie landing.


  1. Best wishes for your yarn debut *In Public*

  2. Thank you! It went really well and I got some really good feedback. The yarn got lots of squeezes too. It looks like we're going to give Fibres West a go!