Mar 1, 2015

a bit of catch-up

I've slain the dragon so other projects are now possible:

That was scary. That's my second lap quilt there. All the other quilty stuff I've done is a table runner, stroller quilt, placemats, a couple V-dub alien hotpads, and that's about it. Yes, I jumped straight into a bargello. Crazy.

Now I'm moving back to the batman / superhero quilt, which was featured in an earlier post. This morning I was chain-stitching squares together to get the spirals started. Fun!

I did a 'cut the scrap' workshop yesterday. I learned A TON. For reals. I don't have much in the way of scraps, so I bought a coordinated scrap pack and worked with that:

I also made a name tag for someone else. She was a no-show and my name wasn't quite right, so I figured I'd do the one for the right-spelled name. And yes, I thought this was also a mistake because there is no José in the guild, but it's a woman's name, pronounced Yosie.

And now I'll be heading back to batman. Until next time......


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