Mar 12, 2015

love me some etsy

See, it's like this: I sell yarn (on sale). Hand-dyed and lovely. We are clearing it out on Etsy. Look us up at There is a link from there.

People like good prices, so they are buying the yarn. Thank you, people.

When they buy it, they pay (imagine that!). I turn that money around on - you guessed it! - fabric. It's a circle of love more than it is the circle of life.

But first, let me apologize for the lack of projects. I have completed a couple in the last short while, but they are gifts and the recipients might read this blog, so I just can't risk it.

These were also a gift, but this recipient isn't likely to read this blog.

They are alien VW hotpads. They came together in an evening and were pretty fun.

Oh, right, back to the fabric. So I got all this stuff this week.

Stacks of coordinated fat quarters REALLY make me happy. Like, really.

Crap. I just lost half my post. It was good. Now it won't be as good. Sorry 'bout that.

I don't think I showed you the gifty placemats either. They're for a man friend who really likes cats:

Okay, so by the end of the month, I ought to have completed the BatQuilt, and a flannelette baby quilt for my future nephew. No promises. Fingers crossed.

Random amigurumi:

Happy crafting!



  1. Your quilting is amazing..... Do you still find time to knit? Are you going to the Springbrook Retreat in July????

  2. I just cast on a Pi Shawl yesterday and I have a pattern to release soon. It should probably be tested, though, so I'm dragging my heels on it. I also finished a wee cowl lately ... I should really blog about that, right? Knitting is feeling left out. No yarn camp for me this year - I'm going to quilt camp with my Mum. 😊