Apr 27, 2015

an oops and a win

The most striking and beautiful pillowcase of the weekend goes to the tiger/dragon combo, with the white contrast trim and the black cuff.

I might have to make more of these. It also came to mind that the fabric may be good for a One Block Wonder. I saw one in progress at quilt camp and I couldn't stop thinking about the possibilities.

Also in the photos, you can see the sassy little zippy pouch with its striking lining. And the second photo shows a surprise inside ... we are doing a swap and someone is going to get that little surprise. Exciting!!

I don't have a single pattern to link to for the pouch because it's a bit of a mash-up. The outside zipper is angled too, which I like. (I do like geometry, but everything can't always be up-and-down, right-and-left.)

Because this is a mash-up, I have a small boo-boo that I need to confess: when I put in the side zipper, I put it in like it was a top zipper. The difference, dear friends, is that one is horizontal with the pocket hanging down and one is not -- that one is vertical and the pocket hangs down, not out. So when you build it like it's horizontal and then sew it up and it's vertical, the pocket has a bit of extra fabric on the near side. I'm going to have to hand-tack that down. It's not huge and it won't be in the way, but it's BUGGING THE  #*$%# OUT OF ME!


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