Jun 12, 2015


I can't believe I haven't posted this yet. I made this BatQuilt for my daughter, who needed it to complete her BatWear collection, and who nagged and harped on about its varying states of completion for weeks. I took it to my guild meeting last night for Show and Tell (yes, the kid let me take it out of the house) and Carol was kind enough to take photos and post some kind words.

Carol is proving to be a fantastic photographer (with the pace of the meeting, it's amazing she got the shots she did this month with her manual-focus lens ... usually she's snapping multiples with her auto-focus and then editing to excellence) and she somehow always has a smile on her face. Even if she's confused or annoyed, she'll have an underlying smile. I like that.

Here's what I like best about the modern quilt guild of which I'm a member:
  • It's halfway between my house and my Mum's, so when she's not off being retired somewhere, it's a great way to spend some time with her. 
  • It's the other side of my MIL's house, so I pick her up on the way. I like her too.
  • THE SHOW AND TELL. It's amazeballs and for someone pretty new to quilting like me, that itself is worth the price of admission.
  • The door prizes. Seriously. About half the people in attendance every month win something that someone else has brought. That's kinda rad.
  • The demos. I shouldn't have ranked these fifth because they are really, really good, so let's not take this to be a numbered list. I'm going to change them to bullets just to be clear. There have been zippy pouch tutorials, wonky flying geese, super-easy-no-waste flying geese, bindings of all sorts and sandwiching on a small table - - just to name a few. So much knowledge in that group. 
So yeah, that's what's been up lately. I still haven't finished the Creeper quilt, and in fact haven't even touched it in a while. I have to re-sandwich it and maybe take out the two quilt lines that I've already got in it. Maybe. I'll pick that up again after June 21st, which is when my top-secret Round Robin piece is due to be complete. 

Stay tuned!


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