Jun 10, 2015


So I got one of those shrinking shrivel hoses for my super-small front yard that has a sprinkler system but also a container that needs love and some plants that are out of the sprinkling zone. (Take a breath because that sentence was out of control.)

It's not a short hose. It's shorter, sure, and it wouldn't get all worked up and buck at being wrapped over the tap, but it's not perfect.

To make life easier for myself with this as-seen-on-tv hose, I made it a bag that hangs off the tap. It has elastic in the front. It was made using outdoor fabric. No pattern - just winging it.

It can stay. One day I'll put the hose coming off the tap through the hanging strap so it doesn't have to go ...  'round the outside, 'round the outside ... like two trailer park girls.



  1. Crap you make me laugh. Btw I frogged that stupid swirl hat, I hated doing the pattern.....too many yo's etc......I made my neighbour another hat. Have a fun summer my knitting friend...


    1. That's so funny! I have made so many of those hats but when I made the first adult-sized one, it just about killed me. I get it.

      You have a great summer too!