Nov 11, 2015

and now I can get back to my regular life

When you hear the words, "Mum, will you knit me something?" come from a 15-year-old, it's remarkable how fast you snap into action. She has scorned knitted garments for years. We hopped onto and found a crochet pattern for a lovely poncho with a cowl neck. We raced out to buy yarn, choosing 7 balls of grey and one of red.

I had to learn how to hdc (half double crochet). Easy peasy when you know three other crochet stitches already. So around and around and around and around I went, with increases placed regularly. Two and a half weeks later, it's done.

She doesn't know yet because she's out, but she'll see it this evening. And then she can stop nagging at me to work on it and get it done already. Time to focus on sewing!!


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