Dec 6, 2015

be square

I finished a project today. It's for a wee lad who loves Rubik's cubes and is wicked-good at them. He has a bunch of different ones, but this quilt was designed (by me) to look like the old three-by-three. The cube of my youth. It's a hexagon now, about 60" side-to-side on the flats. And it actually is pretty square, even though this picture taken atop a kitchen chair makes it seem a little flared on the sides.

Cool, eh? It's got three ways to look at it because those three ways all show the two-sides-plus-top perspective. I hope he loves it, but keep it a secret, would you? I know when he gets it on the 25th, he's going to mentally run the algorithms and solve it in about 30 seconds (less than that for a real 3x3 in his hands).

And, in other news, I saw some super-simple, non-pieced coasters the other day (I can't remember where!) and decided I'd like to make a pile of them. Thirty-two, actually. They've all got the same-but-different squared spiral quilting on them. I'm binding them with the method for tiny things that I saw on

It'll take a while to stitch down all the bindings, but they'll be convenient little giveaways this year. And I like that the method on the Crazy Mom blog takes care of the ends before you start attaching that single-fold binding. Woot!

In the knittiverse, I've finished cute little things for my 5-month-old nephew (secret) and I'm working away on the Guernsey Wrap by Jared Flood. I'm going to design a lace wrap pattern too, but I'm waiting for a bit more inspiration.

Happy December!



  1. The test coaster was a success! I highly recommend that method of binding small things. Single-fold is definitely the way to go, and setting the length before you start is a great way to do it. Thumbs up!

  2. Replies
    1. Well, gosh ... thanks! It's big blocks of colour but those angles are sure tricky! I learned a lot on this one and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. If you want a draft pattern, just let me know. :O)

  3. It is the best quilt ever made! Thanks Debbie. Brae is going to love it.