Jul 19, 2011

Carding completion

PHEW! In only four or five short hours, the two-person team of Efficient Effort managed to card all the rest of the fleece that was required to be carded. It was about 3 pounds. Maybe 3.5 pounds.

Yes, outside on the back deck. So much stuff comes out of the fleece when carding (even after several documented washes) that it's not something I would ever do indoors. Thank goodness for the cover over the deck or we would've gotten a bit wet at one point. Gotta love summer.

I don't even know how many batts we have, but it's two and a half pillowcases full. I'm now spinning some of it, and it looks like I'll fit three batts onto a standard bobbin. I'm planning to do a two-ply yarn, and hopefully I can get four more batts spun, and then the two bobbins plied, before Friday end of day. Then I'll set the twist on Friday night and hope it will be dry and ready to go on Saturday morning.

In total, we have:

1. Two pillowcases full of batts.
2. About a half a pound (or so) of fleece.
3. About 100 yards of navajo plied yard, with a two-ply of unknown yardage to follow.

Should make for a very interesting and very experimental dyeing day! I'll have to remember to take my camera.....

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