Jul 6, 2011

Freaking out

Right, so I still don't have any more of that massive pile of fleece carded. I think I have to get to it tonight or risk looking like a tool on dyeing day. Actually getting some of it spun would be super as well.

Here's my plan:

1. One pound remains as fleece (it will be "dyed in the wool")
2. A pile of indeterminate size becomes batting (related to point 3)
3. An indeterminate amount becomes yarn (related to point 2)

I think I can get everything carded in one or two evenings, and then I'll have to see about spinning it up. Hopefully I can get a fair amount spun because it would be nice to see the different results when dyeing wool, batting and yarn.

In knitting news, I'm at the point of starting the four-row gull lace pattern on the February Lady Sweater. Thank goodness I'm through the garter stitch bit and almost ready to heave off the sleeve stitches - 200+ knit stitches across was getting reeeeeally boring! Er, I shouldn't say that ... I have to enjoy the journey. Okay, nevermind - I can't wait until I can start the same sweater for me!

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