Jul 15, 2011

Knitting on the Whipsaw Trail

How often does YOUR knitting go off-road? If you're anything like me, it'll always go off-road when you do.

Last weekend, we left on Friday evening and stayed the night with a few other Jeepers in Manning Park, prepared for the meeting of several other Jeepers the following morning. Croc-Sock came along, and I turned the heel before we'd met up with Jeep Batch 2. Now, don't go thinking I'm superfast or anything - I had taken that sock to Alice Lake the weekend before, and I'd been knitting it sometime around Father's Day. I consider my "travel project" a slow-go, so I'm not in any rush to get it done.

Here's a wee pic of sock #1, before I decided that I needed to hold it while I caught up sock #2 (#1 was a centre-pull sock, so sock #2 is an outsider, making both from a single cake, which I whipped up from a skein). Anyway, I digress:

See why I'm calling it Croc-Sock?

Croc-Sock: "Grrrrrr!"
Me: "What, Croc-Sock? What is it?"
Croc-Sock: "I want to see out the window!"
Me: "Okay, here you go!"

You betcha - we hit snow! That's about 5 or 6 feet deep there, and the reason I'm not out in it, and instead taking pictures of my Croc-Sock (like a total dork), is that there was trail-breaking going on and I wasn't sure I wanted to participate when no one was sure we were going to get through the next bit. Plus, I like knitting.

It wasn't all super snowy like that. Where we camped, there were plenty of bare spots, and everywhere it was bare, there were little flowers shooting up everywhere. SUPER CUTE!

The birds there (I don't know what kind they are) were spooky. They weren't scared of us at all, and I was pretty sure they didn't see too many humans, so it was weird. Well, maybe they saw a fair number of snowmobilers in the winter and lots of four-wheelers in the summer ... or snowmobilers in the summer. Anyway, you just hold up your hand and they come to check you out. A little bit of bread doesn't hurt in getting them there.

All in all, a good trip, but I'm no closer to getting that fleece carded!

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