Jun 27, 2012

Fuse Cardigan and my Queue

I'm working like a madwoman on Fuse, which is probably not right for the season, but with the Juneuary we've been having, I might be wearing it before October. We shall see. Anyway, I'm working like a madwoman on it because I've promised little niecy that she can have a bright pink sweater. That'll only take a week or two, and then it's on with .................


Yes, I said it.

I don't have time or the mental stability to leave it all until the last minute, so I figure a five-to-six-month period of at least a 50% focus on Christmas knitting is a good use of my time. With any luck, I'll finish it off in September.

First step: Determine what will be knit and spun for December. That's really the hard part. Then I dig through the stash (because I've got lots ... on a yarn diet here) and dedicate it to a pattern. The use of Ziploc bags is encouraged in this process because otherwise one forgets to what one has dedicated yarn ... and then one winds up with a giantish stash that needs to be tamed.

I'll post pictures of Fuse when it's finished. It shan't be long now - the cowl is in progress and I'm decreasing, decreasing, decreasing.

In other news, I've been dying to tell you that I'm getting dye pots. I'll actually be dyeing at home instead of just at workshops! I've got a man-sweater's worth of undyed yarn that wants to be chestnut brown, and I have some other undyed yarn and roving that I'm going to Kool-Aid dye with my favourite 11-year-old crafter.

Here's to a summer of awesomeness!

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