Jun 3, 2012

Manta Pequeña

Manta Pequeña
I finished the blanket. It's 22 inches wide x 16 inches tall, and used less than a skein of sock yarn. It's made for a wee tiny baby and will be a nice weight for summer. I did five of the pattern repeats, with 10 patterns across, bordered by 5 knit stitches on each end, and a single knit stitch between each repeat. I used 3mm needles so it's a bit loosey, but not sloppy. I'll post the pattern separately, and cover off all the usual random news in this one. Pictures to follow with the pattern.

Camping! May long weekend:

Learned to play crib this weekend, and called it cribbage as a rule. Love it. "What's in your cribbage?"

The camp set-up. Lots o' trees.

What's camping without knitting? These socks are coming out way too small, so they'll be a gift for a neighbour. She'll be happy. Normally I wouldn't make a "way too small" type of error, but I wasn't really paying attention to measurements on these ones so they suffered a bit. However, the rule is that with socks that don't fit the intended recipient there is ALWAYS a willing Plan B person.

A trail behind our site. 

A tree with some character.

Looking straight up from my knitting/reading chair.

Salmonberry bushes ... this is really just fun with the macro setting. 

And the wicked remote holder in its final mounted state:

Wicked, right? I love putting the remotes away in it. It serves its purpose well.

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