Feb 9, 2016

chop chop

I'm working on organizing my fabric scraps. I'm about 2/3 of the way through. It's a year-and-a-bit's worth of scraps, so nothing too crazy, but enough that it's taking me days to get through it. It's a lot of work getting organized, and it's a pain in the butt when you cut at a kitchen table. Well, more like a stress on the back than a pain in the butt, I suppose. I'm breaking it up with knitting and eating.

  • I'm leaving big pieces and strips that are at least 6" wide alone.

  • I'm leaving things that look like they want to be strips as strips. I have separated them by width and I have about 10 piles. I don't have a 2.5" width pile because ...

  • ... I'm cutting anything oddly-shaped or 2.5"-in-width down to 2.5" squares. I have plans for these squares. It will involve a LOT of chain-piecing.

Pictures when I'm done. Hopefully by Friday.

Can you believe that I've been collecting selvedges for just as long? And not only my own, but my Mum's and anyone else's who wanted to donate them when I was at quilt camp. I have enough now. I will figure out a way to use them and it will be awesome. Later.


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