Feb 19, 2016

let's try that again

I wrote a bit and then I paused it (without saving) to go take a crappy cell phone picture. I lost the writing. Rookie mistake.

So I just finished this Hayley's Comet shawl, with a different colour arrangement than in the pattern because I was using odds and ends:
It isn't really properly blocked. Just enough for me to weave in the ends, and then I may block it again with pins. Maybe.

I'm going to cast on the Antler sweater this evening and I'm stoked. It doesn't actually have antlers on it. It's a fingering-weight sweater with interesting details like the saddle shoulders, garter cowl, coloured sleeve ends and things like that.
She's helping me ball the yarn. I do it by hand because I enjoy it.
And here it is all balled. It's four 50g skeins all wound up together with the ends felted together to make it think that it's one big 200g ball. It's a big beast. I can't wait to cast on. But first I shall take my daughter for Thai food and we will grab something from the coffee shop on the way home. That's very exciting - I don't have Thai very often.

This new knitting project is going to live in the new project bag. The yarn is excited about that.


  1. What an exciting Saturday - glad you are knitting !!

  2. And it's sunny! I hope things are happy and bright in the Kootenays too!