Oct 2, 2014

Moving back

I have decided to start quilting and there's no place for that on a yarn site, so I'm reviving this blog to encompass all crafts. (I really do like them all.)

We were in Maui recently. At the Queen K... mall, there's a shop called Sew Special. Of course they have Hawaiian themed fabrics there, and they totally caught my eye. We had just swum with turtles and I really wanted a turtle fabric. I wanted one coordinated fabric as well, and found it.

When I got home, I got four more fabrics, plus one for sashing and the back (thanks for your help with colour selection, Mum!). Tonight was my first chance to take a crack at my design and see how it hangs together. Yes, this is my design. It's really basic, and I wanted to focus on the turtle, so out of a 12 inch square, 5 of the inches are turtle. The only tricky piece is the mitred corners. I thought I could sew the diagonal to get those corners, but that was a bad idea. Enter Mum, with "Smoke and Mirrors 101" - the pieces overlap completely, and then you fold one and iron a crease into it so it looks mitred. I'll tack them down with a stitch or two. Do you know, she actually used the word "glue"? Gasp! I had a flashback to that rad Knitting 101 video on YouTube where the guy "knits" a scarf. Go look that up if you haven't seen it.

I learned from my Mum to have that square lying around for a while, to make sure I like it. I'll mull it over for a few days. (By the way, the sashing is brown.) I'm currently wondering if I can just change the position of the turtle or if I should also change the arrangement of the fabrics around it. I might have to do more samples. Any that don't make it into the quilt can become cushions or something.

Now back to some knitting...... There's still a big sale going on over at http://twotigersyarns.com/shop, in case you were wondering.

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