Oct 30, 2014

multicraft adventure

My fabric came from Etsy and the baby quilt is taking shape in my head ... about 4 shapes, but I have an appointment with Mum and Nanna on Saturday and a decision will be made. I picked up super cute brown and white striped fabric for the binding today. It was on sale. Don't give me grief. I can hold my fabric stash easily with one arm at this point. Yarn is a different story....

I'm still waiting for the buttons from France, so no update on the cardigan.

The socks ... I like to knit until the yarn runs out, but that doesn't work with an afterthought heel. So I decided, with one inch of leg knit, to go back and build the heel from the other end of the ball.

Sorry, Mrs. Ohhh, no fancy nails at the moment.

That yarn, by the way, is Two Tigers Yarns' Sock Attack in the Papa Smurf colourway. And yes, I do two socks at a time. One more heel to go and then onto the legs!

The turtle quilt top will be ready tomorrow. I'm going to fuel myself with candy (and not hand any out), and make that top come together with everything lined up. You'll see.


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