Jul 20, 2015

on the topic of knitting

Yes, I still do that. Knitting.

I've just bound off these socks:

They're a fairly basic eyelet pattern by Wendy Johnson. You can find it on ravelry.com if you're so inclined.

I did two at once, as usual, using the magic loop method. When one is done, the other is done within minutes. No second-sock-itis for me.

I cast on at the toes because I don't like to guess whether I'll have enough yarn. I do Judy's Magic Cast-on. You don't have to know who Judy is. I've never met her. Just Google it.

I did afterthought heels. They're my go-to heel now because I don't knit enough socks to remember all the steps to increasing, gusset and flap without referring to a pattern. Plus, if I want, I can do the heel in a different colour using the afterthought method. Rad.

I'm nearing the end of the Pi shawl. I have 576 stitches on the needle (yes, I counted) and I'm working Pattern 1 from the Knitter's Almanac, which is also where the shawl formula is. I won't say pattern because it's really not like any pattern you'd purchase from such a famous person today. It's like how my Nan gave me her recipe for curried shrimp - there's no way I could make it the same as she does (which is what I want) without really explicit measurements and instructions.

Anyway, here's a photo just 'cause:

It has been a little hot for turning the iron on lately, so quilt progress is pretty slow. More on that later.


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  1. I'm glad I haven't lost you as a knitting friend. Ooh the Pi shawl should be fun to see when you finish. I finally got smart this summer and put my wool away. I'm knitting with linen and it's so much cooler in my big fat sweaty hands...