Jul 31, 2015

Pi in 4.5 months

That pi shawl was a lot of round-and-round. It was great TV knitting and for a while was small enough to be travel knitting. Then, once bound off and blocked, I finally got to measure it and it's 4 feet in diameter. None of us realized it was going to be that big, and I'm glad. It's awesome getting a size surprise like that when you're knitting something that doesn't have to fit like a garment does.

Husband takes one look at it laid out on the bed and says, "Holy crap. How are you gonna wear that thing? Is it a cape? Can I be a superhero? Knitting Man. Haha!" Droll. He doesn't knit.

I've had SOOOOOO many people ask me how I'm going to wear a big circle. It's not a table doily. It's a shawl. I will bundle up in this shawl and be the warmest person ever, right there in the dead of winter. I will fold it in half and then wrap it around like you would any scarf. It'll be awesome. I'll post a picture to prove it in the winter. There's no way I'm trying it out this summer. Just knitting on it was almost too much for this heat. Almost.

I hope it's dry by the time I go to bed.

Now, for those of you who are wondering why it's called a pi shawl, here's the lowdown:  using pi and its relationship with circle radius as a guide, Elizabeth Zimmerman published this pattern in the Knitter's Almanac. It's a matter of doubling your stitch count after 6, 12, 24 and 48 rounds. Then you just keep knitting until you don't want to any more, throw a border on if you wish (yeah, just throw it on while your stitch count is 576 - such a breeze!), and bind off. And Andy's your uncle. Or maybe Bob is, but not for me.

I can see knitting another of these in the future, but with more patterning throughout.


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