Jul 16, 2015

square 1

I've been to Sisters, Oregon for the annual outdoor quilt show and I saw over 1300 quilts hanging. That's a lot!! They were everywhere. With the beauty of the interweb, I knew I could find photos any time I wanted by googling 'sisters quilt 2015' or something like it, so I didn't take a lot of photos. Here are the three I took: one that is meticulously constructed and two fun ones.

Meticulous. Beautiful. I couldn't stop staring.

Day of the Dead. I went back to the store for that fabric a while ago and by then it was sold out. Darn it!

Uh huh. Thank you very much.

And then I came back home and continued cutting and cutting and cutting. Imagine 56 fussy-cut centers with two sets of borders each ... Eight pieces for each one. A few have three sets of borders and a few have one or none, but it really is close to 450 cuttings. Oy.

When my pile started getting teetery, I decided to take a break from cutting and get to some sewing. The result is Square 1.

See what I did there? I totally fibbed. That's was Square 2. The reason I took a break from cutting is below, which was actually Square 1. It was a pain in the earhole because the dummy who cut the middle square (they won't all be squares in this quilt) cut it at 6.25 inches. For those of you playing along, there isn't an easy way to do 12.5 - 6.25 and then divide that in half. I like quarter-inches. So I devised a plan to short-cut half the first border ... And then I forgot the plan I devised (within mere seconds) and cut the lengths so that they went on opposite sides. Of course that turned it into a rectangle, right? Right. So this little gem got set aside while Square 2 was finished first. Having Square 2 then prove that I am, in fact, good at math, I returned to Square 1 and tacked on a bit of fabric on the short side. I made a conscious decision to not unpick to fix this one. It'll be a quirky quilt. Can't you tell by the Jeeps? Wait til you see the rest of the fabrics!

This is Dave's quilt. It will be queen size and it will join us on camping trips. He's looking forward to it. Let's remember that not only are there 400+ pieces to cut, but there are also 400+ pieces to sew and iron. It'll be a while.


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