Jul 20, 2012

Chocopoo Brown

After sitting in the pot cooling down, the yarn did indeed take up the rest of the colour. I had complete dye exhaustion, and I was fairly exhausted myself. Note to self: save dyeing for a day when you haven't also worked 8 hours in an office.

Here's the yarn after cooling and washing - note how it's not felted:

I was extremely hopeful because it looked like it would dry to a really rich, solid brown. And it did! If you click the picture you'll get a bigger version, in case you want to see all the chocopoo loveliness up close.

Now I just have to dye another 1000g of yarn and then get knitting. Hubby approves so it's all systems GO. He might even get that sweater in time for winter!

I have 4oz of merino/nylon roving I could dye as well, and about a pound of corriedale roving, and another pound of bfl roving ... I'm going to have so much fun!

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