Jul 19, 2012

The 100g Test

It's not done yet, but the first test of the lucky number 6 has commenced. I was rooting for number 6, but my daughter came home and proclaimed number 3 her favourite. Hubby voted number 6 with no hints or advice from me, so we have more in common than a child.

As I mentioned previously, I had to have 133mL of dyestock for 100g of yarn to get 2% depth of shade. What that worked out to, with the 1-1-4-4 ratio of number 6 was:

13.3mL red
13.3mL yellow
53.2mL blue
53.2mL brown

It was a dark and stormy pot....

But 20 minutes in, it was looking just a wee bit on the gray / green side. I could see from the water left in the pot that there was still a fair bit of red to go. I guess some colours 'take' faster than others.

After an hour on the simmer, I had only a bit of colour left in the water. It's sitting in the pot cooling down slowly now (we don't want felt), so it'll probably take up the rest of that colour while it sits. Ideally, we want clear water at the end. Look in the pot, though - it's still very dark. That's the yarn! 

Once I've taken the yarn out, given it a rinse and got it dried, I'll post another picture. The wet results in the pot right now look like we have indeed achieved the perfect chocopoo brown, but that really remains to be seen.

Until then!

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