Jul 20, 2012

I made yarn

Evening 1 - One bobbin filled.

Evening 2 - Second bobbin filled and the two plied.

End result = 108 yards of worsted / aran bulky weight from 100g of beautiful Merino roving in the Candy colourway from Unwind. Two hundred g to go.

I thought I'd have some trouble spinning anything but really fine singles, but it went not too badly. And so much quicker! If I failed to make bigger singles, I had a secret back-up plan to use more plies to get to worsted weight. That seemed like a bit of a cop-out, though, so I tried my darnedest to spin something bigger as consistently as I could. Turns out my consistency at that weight could use some practice! I could also use some practice at getting in between bulky and superfine weights....


  1. That's a very pretty colour, much brighter than Chocopoo! Have fun dyeing all that pooey goodness!