Jul 7, 2012

More on dyeing

I had a GREAT day with my aunt today. She's only six years older than me, and we get along really well. We had a fantastic lunch of seafood, we shopped the market and I bought some dye and dyeing supplies.

I want to dye about 1100g of merino/nylon a nice shade of brown. Real brown. Not tan or rust or anything like that ... choco-poo brown. I previously bought some brown dye, but it turns out I didn't get enough. So today I bought my primaries and I'll mix up some stock of each (four altogether, including the original brown, which, it turns out, wouldn't have been dark enough) and then I'll do some mixing. I'll test-dye a snippet for each blend and see which one I like best. I have instructions for making a 1% dye stock, but I want 2%, so I'm off to do some research.

That's all going to be FUN! 

Also, I finished a summer sweater for my wee niece today, in cotton/linen. I threw it in the washer and dryer and it's much softer now. My fingers don't really like knitting that stuff, but maybe next time I'll wash and dry the yarn before I knit with it!

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